Wireless Transceiver (Radio) Testing


US Tech has the right expertise and accreditation to test "intentional radiators" per most domestic and international regulatory standards.If your product contains any wireless capability you must have the required approvals to place it on the market. In the U.S., the FCC requires all intentional radios be "Certified". If your product uses an already certified radio, and it is used correctly per its certification stipulations, then all you need is to have it "Verified" per the relevant rules and standards. Similar processes apply in other countries but the details of procedures and limits are different. US Tech can help you navigate through the process smoothly and quickly. Understanding and interpreting these rules and standards can be a challenging task for even experienced engineers. Radio tests can become very time consuming and complicated as there are numerous types of digital modulation, antennas, applications (such as WiFi, BT, Zigbee, satellite, mobile phones, public safety radios or any proprietary modulation) so it it impoprtant that you select an experienced and knowledgeable laboratory to handle your radio approval project.

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