Other Services


Audio, Sound and Accoustics

Use our on-site Sound Chamber for your need to measure ccoustics, sound and audible noise.  Our capabilities include:  

Sound level measurement from 24 to 110 dB
Frequency spectrum
Signal to Noise
Output Power

Light and Optics Testing

US Tech can help you with simple light and optics measurements. Whether you have flourescent or LED lighting products, we can help you with most regulatory EMC, Mil-STD,  product safety, or Energy Star standards. 


Mechanical Testing

US Tech can help you with simple mechanical testing on electronic products, including custom testing  designed specifically for your products and needs.  Some examples include, push button durability, cord quality, drop testing, mechanical force and pressure,  and drop testing.


Pre Scans

If you need only pre-compliance testing performed on your product, US Tech can help.  Many of our clients request this service to insure they are on the right track to meeting requirements before committing to full testing. This is a good practice during the product development stage as it prevents costly re-design later.