Product Safety 

Product safety requirements for equipment reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, high-current/high-energy and mechanical safety hazards.

US Tech provides clients with the experience to get products approved and globally accepted. We generate reports, conduct testing and file applications with the appropriate agencies. In addition, our engineering staff specializes in design review and corrective engineering services. Product Safety approvals open the doors to strategic markets throughout the world. Early preparation and certification of products by regional and international standards allows companies to do business worldwide, thus reducing time to market and without incurring any unnecessary costs.

We offer global market testing and certification services for a variety of electrical and electronic products including Information Technology Equipment (ITE), Laboratory, Test and Measurement Equipment, Industrial Control Panels, Audio and Video Equipment, Lighting Equipment as well as Household Appliances and Electrical Components. Nationally & Internationally recognized test marks are testimony to products' compliance with the relevant safety criteria.

U.S. and Canadian Product Safety Approval Marks
North America demands quality products that are reliable and safe to operate.  Under OSHA Rules, products connected to ac mains are required to meet appropriate UL Safety standards and many US distributors require NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) listing for products they sell. Likewise, Canadians require that products meet the compatible CSA standards.

US Tech can provide an array of product safety services to meet your needs, including: design review, pre-testing, full NRTL product evaluation testing, report, and submittal, and factory inspection support.

US Tech is a TUV Product Services recognized Agent Laboratory for US and Canadian standards. We are authorized and capable of testing your product at our facilities (without additional witnessing), writing your test report and obtaining a TUV America (cTUVus) Mark for compliance with North American requirements.

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