Quote Request and Pricing Information

Request for Quote

The cost associated with testing and obtaining your approvals depends on many factors, including the complexity of your product, markets where the product will be sold; type and number of tests specified by the standards; number and types of interfaces, peripherals, ports and antennas; and regulatory agency fees.

Here are some examples of details we would like to know so that we can provide you wiht an accurater quotation. You are welcome to copy and paste these questions and answer the applicable ones in an email and send to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, if you prefer, please call 770-740-0717 to discuss your project with a sales representative.

Information needed for an accurate quote:

Company name and address 
Contact Information (Name, Email Address and Phone Number) 
Services Requested (FCC, Industrial Canada, CE, NRTL, FAA, Mil Std, shielding effectiveness, other)
What standards (if known) will apply to your product?
How soon will your product(s) be ready for testing?
Model Name(s)/Number(s)
Purpose, and Use of Equipment (Sales information/literature, operating instructions, etc, may be useful), including environment where used (residential, office, industrial) and Application (Consumer, Military, Health, Education, Scientific Instrumentation)
Dimensions and Weight of Product
Certifications/Approvals Already Existing for the Product(s) or Components
Clock Frequencies (list all frequencies generated by the device including all switching frequencies, CPU speeds, data rates and/or bus speeds, if available)
Operating Power Voltage and Current (AC single phase, 3-phase, Adapter, Battery, USB or Ethernet powered, etc.
Does the product require manual frequent user intervention for typical operation? (please explain) 
Can the product be easily operated or be placed in a test mode that simulates a fully functional and typical condition
If Applicable, Please list the different Modes of Operation for the Product
Please list accessories, firmware, specific test equipment and all materials needed for operating the products in a typical mode 

For transmitters:  Transmit Maximum Power and Frequencies (list all frequencies the device is to be operated on) 
Description of all Antennas, including Manufacturer, Type and Gain 

For immunity/susceptibility: What is unacceptable performance degradation and how can it be monitored? Length of I/O cables? 

For product safety: are transformers in the power supply and/or Adaptors already NRTL and /or CE Approved